Mental Health and
Addictions Care

People have been dealing with a lot over the last few years. As a result of the pandemic and the stress and social challenges it caused, more people are suffering from depression and anxiety. Drugs also became more toxic and are killing more people and hurting communities.

Calm waters on Alouette Lake in Maple ridge on a sunny day with a valley of mountains in the distance.

Getting people the mental health and addictions care they need

To rise to new challenges stemming from the pandemic, Government is taking action to make sure people get the care and services they need when they need it, by:

Mental Health and Substance Use Data Snapshot

B.C. is providing a first report on the early outcomes of decriminalization through the Mental Health and Substance Use Data Snapshot which will report on four areas: changes to law enforcement practices, changes in the socio-emotional wellbeing of people living with addiction, pathways to services and treatment and public awareness and understanding of decriminalization.